Warrior is a movie of 2011 by Gavin O’Connor. It is a movie that takes place in the world of mixed martial arts, in Pittsburgh. To some it may look like “Rocky” or “The Fighter” however a glimpse at the trailer makes us all wonder how good this movie can be.  It is an engaging, thrilling, heart-stopping and very emotional film. For some it is one of the best films in the last decade.


The Warrior has a star like cast.  The technique and discipline used in this stunning film are superb. There was only one goal in the director’s mind, and that was to knock us out with such amazing script and talent.


Tom Hardy plays an ex-marine, younger brother Tommy Connlon who comes back after 14 years.  Tommy’s style reminds the audience of the former boxing legend Mike Tyson.  He is big, fast, hard-hitting and dedicated to bring down the other guy. He is simply brutal. With the help of his fathers training skills Tommy turns from a deserter into hero overnight.


 Nick Nolte plays  Paddy Connlon, an ex- alcoholic, apologetic father, who after winning a very long battle with alcohol addiction tries to make the best of what is left of his miserable life. He is a broken down old man who has no contact with his sons or his nieces. His only consolation is an audio book version of “Moby-Dick.”


Joel Edgerton plays Brandan Connlon, the older brother who is about to lose his house and worry about fixing his little girl’s heart problem.  An ex-mixed martial arts sensation turned a physics teacher. At one point we hear him say to his students. ”Force equals mass times acceleration.” A teacher loved by all of his student, who fights in parking lots for some extra cash to support his family. His fighting style is much different from that of his brother.


Sparta is the biggest event in mixed martial arts (same as UFC in USA) , a $5 million winner take all tournament. And  its champion is an undefeated Russian (Kurt Angle). What will happen in “Sparta” is never really in doubt. What is in doubt is how things unfold for the Connlon family.  Brandan fights for his family. Tommy fights for his fallen best friend’s family. 


This movie is so beautifully put together that it a world apart from what we have seen in the last few years. It is poetic to a degree. Emotions run deep and the way these emotions are portrayed by these superb actors through the camera lens are simply majestic.

An art on it self! Yes there is guys stripping down to their shorts with busted knuckles, and there is sweat and blood. Even though this movie may seem as a “fighting” movie in reality it is about fighting for love. There are two brothers and a father who don’t talk to each other.  Only to be put against each other once more for what’s most worth it.  


This movie contributes a lot to our culture. It shows us the humanity we have lost for so long. Many of us have forgotten the real important thing in life. Sure money and fame are nice to have, but without family all we have is nothing.  It is a modern form of Picasso’s paintings. A modern way to reflect Michelangelo’s painting and sculptures. So much passion, emotion, colors reflected from this film. A much more educative film than “The Kardashians’ Show.” This movie is at the top as far as art is concerned. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat.  




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