Media and Mass Murder




Media and Mass murderers


In the recent years in USA society has been challenged with tragedies like Sandy Hook or Aurora shooting. As every day goes and many people have raised questions of why these kind of tragedies keep happening to our country and our society; with questions that no one seems to find the right answers, many doubts and topics that relate to the possible facts that might influence these kind of horror episodes, that have brought so many tears and pain to each one of us, come to the table.

            In many debates about these tragedies many people have pointed a finger on Media as well. Many have said that some of the tragedies have been imitating episodes of movies. Therefore, many have requested to stop releasing or producing films/movies that advertise violence and death. This topic can be seen in many viewpoints where one can agree or disagree. Films can advertise violence, however they do advertise the result of violence in punishment and tragic endings. So, the effect of movies and films in these tragedies remains obscure.

            After reading articles about film and the affects on violence I came across an article that talked about how often media talks about the individuals responsible to these mass shooting, how often their picture is shown in TV, social networks, magazines, newspapers and so on. How often their name is mentioned over and over again. These individuals somehow become famous.  In these actions media is not only advertising the shooter and his action it is also telling the next individual planning something horrifying like this, of how popular he will be, how no one will forget his name or his picture.

            Past observation has shown that previous murders have been somehow suffering from some type of mental disorder and also social interaction. Saying this, it is more than obvious that these type of individuals can be very much affected by stimulus like media since their reason for horrible and obscure action varies from revenge towards society, looking for attention and so on.

            If we stop mentioning the murder name, if we don’t show their picture, if we as a society do not pay attention to who the murder was, if we ignore his/her persona will not immediately stop this kind of tragedies. However, it is a step that might have an effect. It is something that has not been done before and which might result as positive. In my opinion it is better leaving these murders in the dark by referring to them as the murder or other synonyms, rather than writing their names in every single paper or headline news.

            We might dress up during Halloween as ‘The Joker’ , but I think the bigger issue here is how Media is advertising the this shooters , how is turning them into “bed heroes”.

What is your opinion in this issue? Do you think Media is influencing somehow the next shooter or there is no correlation at all between these two. 


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