It is 2013 and electronic media is becoming more and more present in our lives.  We spent most of our time surrounded by electronic devices. It is a part of us by now. We encounter electronic media in everything we do, and everywhere we go.  To some electronic media is the greatest thing to happen to humanity; to others it has many downsides.


There are many things that would qualify as “Pros” about electronic media. 


Pros include…


Cell phones are a big part of our lives. The majority of us have at least one. Every year there are new types of cell phones on the market. Nowadays we have something called “smartphone.”  A cell phone now operates like a computer; it is just smaller and more practical. Every parent gets a cell phone for his or her child because it is sometimes looked at as a safe device. Not only are they used for daily activities, such as calling and texting. They can also be used to check the weather for instance, therefore avoiding accidents. Papers can be written and then instantly printed or e-mailed. They have GPS in case one needs to find his or her way to the desired destination. Parents can look up the phones location because of the signal launched by the GPS and know the whereabouts of their children.


Televisions are probably one of the biggest form of electronic media. We can be aware of what is going on in the world with just a look at the TV. There are many TV stations that are very accurate on delivering the news. Staying informed about the world we live in can be life saving. There have been plenty of times when we hear on the news that someone went on a killing spree. This is a good thing because it raises awareness.


Radio is another big tool in electronic media. When we are driving and we are tired of the cd’s we listen to, we can just turn on the radio and boredom is gone. With so many radio stations it is impossible not to find the radio station that best suits our style. There is more than music and talk shows on the radio. How many times have we wondered if there was any traffic on the journey we were about to embark on?  Turn the radio on and we will be notified about the accidents happening and the best routes to take.


Last but not least is the Internet a tool expanding every day. There is nothing we cannot find on the Internet. As long as mankind has discovered something it will be posted online. If we need information about anything we just open the browser and search. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to obtain knowledge.


Cons include…


Like every good thing even electronic media has its downsides.

Child molesters are always on the look out for their next “Pray” and the Internet is their favorite tool for hunting.  It is crucial that parents monitor their children whenever they are online.  It is easy to start chatting to a stranger online.  With so many perverted people out there the Internet has turned into a mass recruiting form for these people.


“Always online” is a term used when people post something online. Even if we delete it later, it is still visible for the skilled people to find out things about us. Facebook has become a huge social network. Now Facebook has turned into CIA’s best information database. With around 800 million users, pictures and personal information is available to anyone who is skilled enough to use a computer. Even if we delete our account there information is still available for anyone to see.  This is a loss of privacy.


Health is another concern that electronic media brings to my attention. During a car ride, or a walk to school we encounter people listening to music through their headphones. When the music is too loud and so close to the eardrums is starts damaging them. Due to research it has been proven that cell phones damage the heart and lower the sperm count in males if kept close to the body.  Computer screens also release low levels of X-rays radiation. The symptoms may not be visible immediately but with time they will.



I believe the way we interact with electronic media is crucial tour behavior.  Everything we see on TV, hear on the radio or come across online affects the way we behave and think. The brain is like a sponge. It absorbs information when given. Whenever we watch TV we are immediately affected by it for good or bad depending on what we are watching and our mood. Same goes for the radio and the internet.  


Albert Einstein once said “I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.” This does not mean technology is bad. Technology is great to a certain extent. It can save lives but it has to be used with moderation.



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